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Five-day Taking Leadership experience for women ! 

‘Key choices often comes to cross crucial thresholds where courage is required to step in the unkown.  As if we are freeing ourselves from unconscious ties that have kept us safe’.




For who?

This five-day Leadership experience is designed for women-in-business who wish to address their impact and influence on a higher purpose. We will provide many learning opportunities for personal leadership and growth and offert intensive coaching, also you by your peers. We will help to develop the awareness of ‘who do you choose to be’.



  • Personal growth and Leadership: contemplation on who do you choose to be and re-evaluation of your personal aspirations
  • Balance between business, planet & humanity: exploring paradigms in economics, work and society
  • Patterns and trends within yourself and environment: authenticate your inner compass
  • Nature Quest: connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Mythology: getting inspired by ancient wisdom and storytelling
  • Philosophy: the art of asking questions and discovering other ways of dialogue


 We will create a setting for reflection, dialogue, contemplation, storytelling, fertile thinking, pleasure and being active in natural surroundings.





Val Sinestra (Switzerland)- A place with a soul, combined with the power of nature.




Planning and dates

Introduction-day of the trail:  TBC
Leadership trail:                         8-12 June 2020
Intake:                                          1 hr will be planned when you register for the programme. At the end of the intake we will decide together if the trail is the right fit for you.
We value a diverse and challenging group of participants.





The programmer will be designed, organized and guided by Marieke van der Giessen, Alma Wattimena and Annick van Zomeren.





Taking leadership experience:   € 2.500
Venue app.                                     €.   900





Travel expenses to Val Sinestra are not included and is at your own expenses.
VAT is applicable for the trail and is according to Dutch fiscal law.
VAT is not included and will be invoiced separately.